Saturday, June 25, 2011

Measure, measure, measure

For those of you asking to see the cardigan I'm doing in Light Rose--and you know who you are--there will be a wait. Why? Because I didn't heed my own advice of measure, measure, measure.

I was knitting the front bands when I realized that the two upper front portions weren't the same length! How in the world did that happen? This sweater is knitted from the left cuff over to the right cuff (basically), so the upper right front is the last knitted for that portion. Usually I do compare and don't know why I didn't this time. For some reason I was knitting more loosely than I normally do; usually, I tend to knit more tightly as I progress.

There might have been a way to knit the band and ease in the right side but it probably would be obvious, plus I would know that it was not right.

The bottom portion is done by "picking up stitches" and knitting them to the upper portion. For you non-knitters that means adding stitches to already worked stitches rather than knitting a section separately and seaming the two together. Well, guess what? All these years of knitting and I had never done that before. I thought I was following the sketches correctly, but, nope, I wasn't and the results weren't too good.

So, with the two front lengths not being even and the not-so-good job of picking up stitches, I undid the bottom portion (it was also the only way to undo the upper portion). Sigh. And I was so close to being finished with only the front bands and collar to do.

I love the blue they used for that sweater, but mine is a solid Light Rose and not as pretty.

Now regarding the other sweater (in chocolate, wheat, and soft taupe, mentioned in my previous entry): had to undo what I had knitted on that one. The directions sounded so simple and I had done top-down raglans before. Yes, but only cardigans, not pullovers. I will be starting that one over.

I probably have no business knitting as I'm not very good at it. (I'm better at crocheting, but I like the look of a knitted sweater over a crocheted one)---plus, I really enjoy knitting.


dfr2010 said...

Now WHO would possibly be bugging for the promised in-progress pics? (*blinks innocently*)

Gloria, if you ENJOY knitting, then you do indeed have a business knitting. If I abstained from sewing just because I am not so good at it ... well ... I would have a lot of pretty fabric just to look at! Well, and to provide cats with something soft and warm to lay on and shed on.

Jilly Be said...

Triple all of those mistakes & you know why I'm not a knitter! Somehow unpicking a poorly sewn seam is worlds different than undoing a knitted piece. Especially when one has never....ever.....knitted a single thing that actually looked good!

If you can knit a good looking scarf, I'm in awe! Keep it up Gloria - you owe us a pic of a finished garment ;^D

glorm said...

Dfr, my plan was to, when sweater completed, post an end-product pic, then progress pics. I'll decide in a few days if I want to do the finished product pics in a separate entry. (Think I've just totally committed myself to finish the sweater.)

Three felines vote for you to stop sewing. LOL.

glorm said...

Thank you, Jilly.

I'm definitely not a perfectionist. I could have gotten by with the poorly stitched seam, but the very uneven fronts, nope. Maybe this time I'll measure, measure, measure. All of us crafters know what mistakes we can get away with, right?

Jilly Be said...

I am finally getting it. The measure five times, cut (or stitch, or purl...) once thing. I mean...I get the concept, and I do try, but my execution lacks precision more often than not.

Less-than-perfect-but-good-enough is fine with me. It really is. But I'm getting how 1/8" off at the beginning equals 3/8" off in the end can make a big difference, especially when you have multiple 1/8" mistakes at the beginning.

I'm not a precise person, who can do the same thing over & over & be happy doing it. I guess that's why I'll never be good at knitting.

I actually wish I had pictures of the sweaters I knitted in high school. If I ever even THINK about knitting again all I would have to do is look at one of those pics lol!

glorm said...

When we first started sewing in high school (or whenever) why didn't someone tell us to take several pics of those items?

I remember all of those first dozen or so garments as being perfect. Wonder how they really looked?

dfr2010 said...

Unfortunately for those 3 cats, my house is NOT a democracy. It is a benign dictatorship, with me in charge. Maybe a little too benign .. I have to keep shooing the furry shedding monsters off my to-sew pile.

And you probably shouldn't ask what those first few garments sewn actually looked like ... or just look at a lot of my stuff!

Joansie said...

Ok, no more swimming in the frog pond. Been there and done that! Love knowing how mu h you enjoy knitting.

glorm said...

Haha, Joansie, I don't dip in the frog pond very often, but when I do, I seem to go right to the bottom of it.

Deb said...

Oh, keep knitting please, it's so worth it. I've been knitting for 46+ years & I still goof & go to the frog pond. Just see my latest blog entry...Joansie made me do it. (wink, wink)

BTW, I don't sew at all...I'd rather stick a needle in my eye.

glorm said...

Don't sew as we don't want any needles in the eye!

I totally unraveled the Lt. Rose sweater and am making a top down cardigan, this time working too tightly and will have to rectify that.

Yes, I saw what Joansie "made you do". LOL

FirePhrase said...

My condolences. Every time I have to pull out a mistake it's like pulling a string right out of my own heart. Okay. That's an exaggeration. But it does hurt.

glorm said...

Yes, it does hurt, but what makes this much easier to accept is that the sweater being made from that yarn seems to be coming along quite nicely. :)