Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Under Mountains

....of paper work---that's where I've been. All of my great plans for January just went by the wayside.

I haven't been able to work on updating the red dotted outfit, but I have worked on getting some of the better fitting patterns made into "basics" from which to design or update. I thought that by posting that outfit and making that commitment, I would get to it sooner. Ha!

I'm still trying to get some good, close-up shots of the doll clothes to show details. Our digital camera is old so the pics aren't great. Someone with a new digital tried taking photos of them, but I don't think he understood just what it was that I was trying to show. Thus, we will have to re-shoot.

Heck, it took us about three hours to scan a photo! While the manual is good with detailing how to put paper in the machine (several pages), it is grossly lacking in "How to Scan Photos" and with what to do with them afterwards. Besides having to figure out how to crop this photo, we had to figure out how to avoid a color or clarity change. I wanted just the right cropping, while keeping the pic to a small size. I finally settled for whatever came out! Maybe we should have asked an 8-year-old to do it.

I have managed to keep up with others' blogs, anywhere from daily to at least once a week, depending on how often they post.

While I did get most of the mountains of paperwork down to hill size, I will still have to deal with taxes when all the forms have arrived.

I like mountains, but not of paper work.