Saturday, May 28, 2011

Able to Comment Again

Hopefully, I have it figured out. I got the information, not from Google---and shame on them---but from doing a search and reading blogs of those who also have had problems commenting this week and/or have temporarily lost their Followers.

If you are signed in every blog you go to should show your e-mail address at the upper right, but this week it has shown Create a Blog and Sign In. When I went to comment, instead of showing my name, it said to select a profile. When doing that, a page came up asking me to Sign In. I quit there but I guess some got caught in the loop of this.

Bloggers suggestions were to Sign In and uncheck the Keep me Signed in box (not certain of the exact wording). I heard some had trouble signing in in the first place, but since I was already signed in, this second signing in should not sign me out when I left the site. Confused yet? It did work because when I went to comment on a blog my name did show up.

It's crazy when trying to comment on my own blog my name came up as Anonymous, but, fingers crossed, hoped I have solved the problem.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Update

First of all, I am still alive--and kicking, although not quite as high as I used to.

I've been doing a bit of sewing. I finished two UFOs and did some minor stitching so the garments could go in my bedroom closet and out of the sewing room closet. There isn't anything exciting enough to take pics of, but just wanted to mention that there is some progress.

Right now I am knitting and crocheting some potholders and dishcloths as I do need those.