Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Light Rose Sweater Re-do

This is the Light Rose sweater re-do so far. There were a few things which delayed my progress. I tried the neck ribbing until I felt it looked like the pattern photo. I undid a few rows because I found an extra yo (eyelet) a few rows down. Do you have any idea how much time is involved in taking out over 1,000 stitches? Answer: longer than it takes to knit them. This first pic shows the yoke part of a top-down raglan cardigan.

This is after separating the sleeves from the body. I don't care to seam pieces but I dislike using dpns (double pointed needles) more, so the sleeves need to be done first if not doing seamless top-down raglans.

I like to do both sleeves at the same time which creates quite a mess of yarn until a few inches are knitted. It was a bit confusing when I began the sleeves but got easier. From photo left to photo right: the right front, right sleeve, back ("circle" in center), left sleeve, and left front.

The final pic makes it easier to see how a top-down sweater develops.

I don't have a pic but I put the sleeves on holders and have joined the fronts and back, to be knit as one piece, and will knit a few inches, then try on the sweater to determine the fit and length I want for the sleeves and the sweater.