Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crafting--How I Would Have Done it Differently

Knitting--(large) stash of yarn, patterns, and supplies--Check
Crocheting--(large) stash of yarn, patterns, and supplies--Check
Cross Stitching--(large) stash of yarn, fabrics, patterns and supplies --Check
Sewing--stash of fabrics, patterns, notions and supplies--Check
Misc. crafting--stash of supplies--Check

Since I've been purging the above in the past year, I've asked myself why I have so much of everything.  How did it happen and why?

Some of the reasons are
--get excited about the craft, find all kinds of projects I want to make, so buy the supplies
--find supplies on sale or have coupons for a large percentage off so must purchase while on sale.
--much like the person who has "eyes bigger than their stomachs" I have plans greater than that for which my energy or time allows.
--realize what's missing from my supplies and buy to fill in the gaps
--cannot resist when people give me large bundles of items for free--free is good.

Probably the #1 reason:
--have learned over the decades that if I don't buy when I see it, it won't be available when I want it.

This is most true of fabric.  So many times I went specifically for fabric for pants or for a blouse.  Being successful less than half the time I made it a point to buy the fabric  I liked when I saw it.

OK, this explains the fabric --and I have a fraction of what some do, but this is what started the entire stash of everything.  What's the excuse for floss or knitting patterns or embroidery thread or sewing patterns?

Probably none or at least not a good one; just that I liked it, was excited at that time about the craft, and might even have had a coupon.  Never having a lot of spare money, "on sale" was quite tempting.

The good part is the items purchased years ago were less money than that of today, saving me money.  Did it?  As I'm now donating some items, my "wisdom" didn't wind up saving me money.

The smart thing would be--and I would strive for today--to do things differently and purchase supplies as I needed them, not for the future, at least not quite so much for the future.

Or would I?  One thing I know about myself is that I like choices.  Sometimes on the spur of the moment I decide on a project.  Since it's generally late at night and knowing that locating something is not all that satisfactory at the store, it's good to have "my little store" to go to.

Why so much embroidery thread?  I was very excited when I got my embroidery machine and just kept buying thread (from several different companies) so I would have almost every shade with all the various types of thread:  metallic, silky, polyester and blends, cotton, for various projects.  My purchases added to whatever threads I already had for doing the "fancy" stitches on the sewing machine.

This would explain all the embroidery floss also.  To add to this collection, my mother-in-law would buy for me tons of it in those neat special boxes for floss.  How could I say to take it back; that I had enough already?

People have also given me bags of yarn, knitting and crocheting patterns, sewing patterns, notions and fabric.  You wouldn't catch me saying, "No, don't give me free stuff; I'd rather pay full price at the store."

Can't forget the fabric, supplies, yarn, and patterns, (sewing and knitting and crocheting) for The Doll.  You know which one:  the one who is named Barbie.  Besides what I had purchased, a friend from out of state sent four large boxes, mostly fabric, to me.  It was her fabric scraps.  Ha--my scraps are always small pieces; hers could be up to two yards.

Now, I have so much to go through and purge, but what, which?  There are some difficult decisions to be made!

I'm certain that I'm not the only one.  Anyone else have any stories that they would like to share--or laugh along with me, or shake their head along with me?