Friday, March 25, 2011

Muffin Top Added to Oxford Dictionary OMG--"Muffin Top" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. LOL No need to tell women what "muffin top" means. Edited to add: It looks like a clickable link, as did the other pages I tried. However, it doesn't go to any page. Please let me know if you are able to get to that page by just clicking. I could copy and paste it and it would go, but not by clicking. Any advice would be appreciated. Edited to add: thank you, Maggie, for the correction. It works now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

It was supposed to be the Tonight Show, but instead it was videos of the earthquake and aftershocks in Japan. They are saying it was 8.9. That is huge. Because the earthquake was underwater, it really stirred up the water, so much so that there are tsunami warnings all around the Pacific rim. Hawaii should be hit in just a few short hours. Hopefully, it won't be the six feet that they are predicting.

A few minutes ago they announced that the warning (which means imminent as opposed to a watch) has been extended to the Pacific coast areas of California and Oregon. That's just a little too close for my tastes.

I've been in an earthquake but don't remember being included in a tsunami warning.

There have been just too many earthquakes recently-- New Zealand, a few smaller ones in Japan, then China a few days ago, and now Japan.