Monday, November 2, 2009

Samples of Doll Clothes

For all of those who requested to see what other kinds of crafts I do, here it is. Ok, it was one person, but who's counting?

The ex-Yahoo 360 members might recognize this photo as one I put up last year over there. I don't feel like uploading more photos at this time as I have to get some of my crafts done this week.

I knit, crochet, and sew for the 11 1/2" fashion doll--you know which one--and her friends. It is a lot of fun. I find that although it is quicker to sew for this doll, it is more "involved". Seams must be finished, the fit must be more precise, and it is quite tedious to sew some of the smaller pieces, like neck facings.

Updates: got another $5 cast iron pan, this one 11" and dirtier than the previous one. I haven't been able to get to the red outfit yet, but I will, and will post a pic of it re-done (and I still don't know what that will be.) Stay tuned.


FirePhrase said...

You're brave to work with "you know who". I hear she's a tough client. Very much the grande dame.

When I was in Branson, I saw a booth at Silver Dollar City with an artisan who knits miniature. She had these tiny beaded purses the size of a dime! And these itty-bitty mermaids. So cute. All of her work was done on hat pins. My Mom kept commenting, "How cute! Isn't that intersting? Wouldn't that be fun to do? Do you know how to do beading?" Settle down, Mom. Going that small is too big of a challenge for me.

Joansie said...

Really nice, Gloria. I've sewn doll clothes before and they can be as much work as regular clothes. A great way to use up scraps also. Do you sell these or do you sew them for the young ones in the family?

glorm said...

jb, Beads are rough! And just how do people sew for the flea circus?

glorm said...

Thanks, Joansie. I have a crafts show coming up, but it's hard competing with those inexpensive doll clothes made in foreign countries. I like to give them to little ones in the family also.

sew{very}creative said...


I thought I was going to have to stalk you. That was the last resort, though, since I don't want you to run in fear (or creeped-out-edness) when I manage to show up to the chats!

Wow. Simply, wow. I used to always wish I had you-know-who's figure ... now, seeing the clothes you've made for her, I'm right back there. Gorgeous, Gl. Just gorgeous.

(would be nice, though, to have bigger pictures to drool over ~ no pressure, though!)

I tried making a few duds for DD's prima donna (about 10 years ago) and the little pieces just made my head hurt. So, my oh-so-creative solution was to just wrap a strip around her boobs and call it a bustier top!

As to competing with the mass-produced-cheapie stuff, I think you've got your own answer ... you can't. Style and class can't be mass-produced ~ and there, Darlin', you've got your edge!!!

Waiting to see MORE when you have the time!! :)

And of course, big sew-y craft-y hugs to you (like you need them, ha!)!!!!

glorm said...

Some times I just need a nudge to do something (like post). This camera is an old one with old floppies (yes, floppies) and I may have had it set on Standard instead of Fine. I'll get a couple of outfits together and try to get a better pic.

Thanks for the compliment. I do like the item you made---very cleaver (or is that Very Creative? LOL)

glorm said...

Hmmm. Comments cannot be edited here? I found a misspelling. Not "very cleaver", but "very clever".