Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Big 4 now Big 1?

In case you haven't heard the ol' Big 4 are now what could be called the Big 1.  The business which had bought out McCall's has purchased Simplicity.

Thus, the pattern companies will be in competition with each other within the same company.  This is nothing new in business as General Mills, Procter and Gamble and others do the same thing.

So, how will things change?  We don't know, but my guess is that it will be "business as usual" with each pattern brand name keeping its own policies and fit as usual.  Perhaps if one of them falters in sales, it could be eliminated.

It's sad to see this happen as people may like a certain brand over the others, so let's hope that not too far down the road they don't merge into one brand.

As of last year it was KwikMcVogueRick, now it's going to be SimpKwikMcVogueRick.  Sigh.


catspec said...

Yup. Well, the Euro patterns are all better anyway. Burda and Ottobre being the ones I really think are best. But of course, you don't need that many patterns anyway - there is hardly a design that has not already been done - I see the same things going through time and again, I just hope to stop seeing silly sleeves, excess fabric, or tight knits and cold shoulder styles - no class at all in most patterns these days. Some of them if course are more svelte and more chic, but most - well, I guess it reflects taste levels that they sell. ;)

glorm said...

I have some Burda patterns, envelopes and magazines; I should give them a try. You are right about the designs. I am just sad to see so many companies being bought up by the conglomerates.