Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pfaff 1475--some hints

Over the years I've come across those who were not aware of some of these functions of the Pfaff 1475.  They may be available on other models, but the 1475 is the one with which I am acquainted.  There are still a lot of this model in use.

When using the single needle foot and/or plate, there is a chance that the operator will forget and tap in a stitch which has width.  This is not good for the machine and could cause the timing to be off.  There is also the possibility that the needle could break and hit the operator in the eye.  Ouch.

There is a security measure:  touch the twin-needle button, (#29) which is lit showing it has been engaged.  It will prevent any stitch from sewing which is not a straight stitch.

The presser bar lifter has several positions: up (foot lifted), down (foot engaged) and darning.  In the photos, shown are up and darning.

When darning position comes in handy is when threading and using the threader.  It doesn't always catch the thread the first time and the thread keeps pulling off the spool.

Putting the presser foot in the darning (part-way) position tightens the tension disks so the thread won't unwind.  Be certain to do this only after the upper threading and lift it to the upper position for pulling up the bobbin thread.

To put it in this position it needs to be pushed toward the back.  If you're having a problem finding the position, check it from the back of the machine.

Then there is one more position for the presser bar lifter, which is temporary and must be held up.

When having a problem getting a hoop under the bar, lift this lever just a bit higher than the up position and the hoop should fit.  

This extra lift can also be used for extra thick materials and for darning.

When I first obtained this machine 23 years ago I spent a lot of time playing with it and learning what it could do.  After many weeks of this, my hubby asked me if I was ever going to sew anything.  Good question.


catspec said...

Another good post. Love the pictures of this wonderful machine. I know you HAVE sewn things on it by now? ;)

catspec said...

Have to add - LOVE the new look of your blog! It really looks great!

glorm said...

Thank you, catspec. After about a month of this new machine, I started sewing up a storm, averaging probably 3 garments a month. Yes, some do that in a week, but that's not me.

A few years later I started making items for crafts shows: dishcloths, slippers, Barbie doll sized clothes, etc. A few years later I discovered the internet. After this, sewing was nearly at a standstill. Gulp.

Working on rectifying that situation.

glorm said...

Yes, after about 5 years I thought a change in the background was needed. When I was on Yahoo 360 I used to change every few months, but there aren't as many choices here, but I can live with that.

SewLibra said...

Nice looking machine and useful tips! I always wanted to try out a Pfaff but I don't think I have ever sewn on one. I logged into my rarely used Google account so I can post on your blog now. :-)

glorm said...

Hi SewLibra. How sweet of you. Actually I accept Anonymous comments also, but it never hurts to check into Google every so often.

I am still amazed at the things this machine can do, and do well. Hang onto machines that you love.