Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pattern Making Systems

Pattern Making Systems allow a person to make just about any garment to his/her size.  The two most popular are Lutterloh and Sure-Fit Designs. .

There have been others along the way. The American Way to True-Fit Patterns was apparently connected to Lutterloh in some way.  Recently I found the same outfits in same pose, in a Lutterloh manual for sale at ebay. There was a True-Fit (Lutterloh) in Florida, but that has been inactive for a few years.

I've been told that Sure-Fit developed as a result of Dusan's Magic Fit but am not certain. on this.

Using a special tape measure, you measure yourself, then make dots to correspond with the numbers given
on the pattern, in a radiating fashion,
then connect the dots.

This is the pattern for this outfit.  (I've covered the numbers, because of copyrights.)

This True-Fit (manual only) was $2 at an estate sale.  The original credit card
receipt was there and the entire kit
cost $40 in 1977.  Yes, the styles are a "bit" dated but there are always
some patterns which can be used.  There are 8 patterns missing, but, for $2, I'm not going to get too upset.

The Perfect Fit ($8) I recognize from magazine ads of the era.

This system is similar to the others, with its own special tape.  It also has "trans dart" template (for moving darts), where were actually there!  Missing are front and back armhole curve templates as well as a French curve, but I have those from other sources.

 These (hopefully) will fit in my Master Plan which is to have a few basic patterns from which many designs can be made.

The wonderful thing about these systems is that one would need to fit them  only once, then just tweek other patterns made from the same pattern.

Hopefully, I'll have more on these systems later in the year.

Has anyone used any of these systems and care to share their experiences with them?


catspec said...

Oh gosh what fun these systems are just to look at! Nice collection! :)

glorm said...

Yes, they are fun to look at. These were from an estate sale, the same one where she had an old Pfaff (can't remember if 1222 or 1229) which I had mentioned to you at the time, and was thinking about getting.

She had a store full of stuff crammed into one tiny room.