Monday, October 17, 2011

Crocheting in 1917

These items are not something that I plan to crochet in the near future, but they were the style in 1917.

I obtained this booklet for 10 cents, the price it was in 1917. It is #9 of 18. Other booklets contain scarves, pillows, corset covers, knitted and crocheted sweaters for the entire family, aprons, etc.

The directions for the items on the cover and on the pages above are included, but not for

all of the items in the booklet. Some of the directions for the caps are in issue #10. We do encounter articles where they continue it in the next issue. So this practice is nothing new--they used it in 1917!

The print is extremely small, reminding me of the "small print" at the bottom of pages. It is quite difficult to follow.

Information which is not provided: thread size, hook size, gauge, finished size.

This certainly makes me appreciate what we have now even more.


Joansie said...

Oh! What a treasure you have!

dfr2010 said...

Oh wow, that is just neat!

glorm said...

Thanks, ladies, for commenting. I bought quite a few from this woman and I thought her mags from the 40s were old, then I saw this one.

Jilly Be said...

Look at those beautiful, "sturdy" models! What a great find :)

glorm said...

Yeah. By today's standards for models, they are overweight.

Deb said...

How neat! I found some of Mom's knitting/crochet books from the 40's. The print is pretty tiny in those magazines, too.

glorm said...

Deb, I am in the process of clearing out things, but I can't seem to part with the mags from the 40s-early 50s, even though I probably will never make anything from them.

You gotta love the way they posed in those days.