Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seminole Patchwork Vest

I wore this vest Saturday and thought I show post about another type of craft which I do. I don't do patchwork quilting, but do like Seminole patchwork. This was made in '97, but I did see the pattern still available a few years ago, so it still may be.

The smallest pieces are 1/4 " by 3/4" finished. I worked with something that small? Yes, I did and I loved it. It is 100% cotton. I lined it with the same eggshell which I used in the pieces.

I put on these purchased pants for the photo, and I see that that was a bad idea, as the fit is, well, bad.
The front of the vest overlaps the back piece. A layer of batting is in between and to determine how I wanted the placement of the Seminole bands, I put the batting on a board, and laid the bands on the batting.

This is view b, with a variation they offered although it is not shown on the envelope.

Editing to add:
Someone just asked me what a vest like this would cost. I really don't know, but I read that the Seminole Indians, when making clolthing for themselves put in a lot of bands of designs separated by solid colors. However, when making clothing for the tourists would charge by the number of bands, then put in a few narrow solid bands witihin an item. The entire garment would not be pieced, (as my vest is). A woman wrote that she paid, in 1948, $40 for a black skirt with one band and only a few narrow strips!


dfr2010 said...

That is so pretty ... I love the colors.

glorm said...

Thank you. I just added some information about Seminole clothing to my post.

FirePhrase said...

Way too cute! I love wearable art!

glorm said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do.

Jillian said...

Barbie doll sewing for adults!!! The precision looks amazing! (and finally, I can actually post on someone's blog!) ;D

glorm said...

Yay, Jillian! Thank you for your comment. When you get the chance you can check some of my older entries for examples of some of my clothes for Barbie.

Adam Gaylord said...
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