Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ottoman Covers --2nd one

This is the first one I cut out--the one where I cut too much from the corners (see previous entry); thus, making it too snug when the darts were sewn in.

I needed a wedge (guess it could qualify as a godet). To make it as simple as possible, I:

--stitched about 1 1/2" of each "dart"; it would be more difficult to turn under the part near the point

--turned under the rest of the sides of the "dart"

--placed the piece which was the original cut-out square and pinned it in place

--topstitched the "dart" sides, catching the wedge piece

Then hemmed it and it's done.


poplin said...

You're sewing right along! I've never seen a godet on an ottoman cover. Then again, I look at ottomans about never in my life, until now. Still got that IKEA couch cover in my queue [sigh]. But hooray, I finished sewing my son's Transformers duvet cover! Just slapped two twin-size flat sheets W/S together, sewed, leaving an opening, and voilĂ !

glorm said...

Hey, I winged it--and it worked! You did the same. Where there is a need, we will find a way.