Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red Dotted Outfit and the 80s

Remember this outfit? It's from my first blog. I wanted to update it because it screams the 80s. I do like it but didn't wear it often, so it is still in very good condition. I haven't done anything with it, but I did have good intentions.

I had asked for suggestions and many were given, here and in e-mails.

Sew(very)Creative and FirePhrase said that the 80s were back and I might want to think twice about this.

Last week I found proof of this. Here is a blog entry showing a new McCall's pattern which has similarities. Note that one view on the pattern I used even has a tie collar. Note that this McCall's top is also in red!


FirePhrase said...

Check out some time. There are a couple of their "style mavens" who repurpose stuff in ways you'd never think of. Debra, for one, does some way out there stuff. Maybe a little more than most people would want to attempt. But very inspiring.

I was looking at the close up of the collar in the original post - can it be just turned in and tacked down to change the neckline? If the neckline was streamlined, a big black statement necklace might look really nice.

glorm said...

I think you've mentioned this site before--a few times. This time I've put it in Faves. Some of those items are "way out there", but there are always ideas which can be used.

FirePhrase said...

Sorry. I'm kinda obessed. My favorites are the dapper older fellas. Loves me a well-dressed sugar daddy.

Joansie said...

Oh my....I made that outfit and it reminds me just how thin I was back then.

glorm said...

FirePhrase, good thing to know. ;) I'll keep that in mind.

glorm said...

Joansie, if you made this outfit, then I must have good taste. LOL

sew{very}creative said...

You. Look. AWESOME!!! The only thing near criticism I could offer would be the fact that your head was mysteriously and suspiciously cut off. But since you most likely had to do that, to show us the whole ensemble, we'll forgive you. This time.

If you wanted to go uber fancy, I'll bet you could toss on a widish black belt ~ I just saw a look JUST like that in one of my magazines. But really, I don't think you even need to do that (just thought it might be fun to do)!

You really and truly look great!!!

glorm said...

My head! My head!

I can get away with a medium wide belt, even though I'm short, because I am long waisted.

Thanks for another great comment!

I really thought I would have gotten to this outfit by now, but darn internet keeps interferring.