Saturday, September 12, 2009

Five Dollar Cast Iron Pan

Having read some posts about cast iron pans, I got interested in them. I've had a griddle one for years but it is limiting since it is flat. The next week I found one at an estate sale. One? They had dozens there, all rusty and cruddy. There were three sizes: approximate 9 inch, 8, and 6. I wanted a 10 inch, but for $5 guess I couldn't complain. I tried to pick one that was the cleanest. Ha! All were bad. I don't know if these people had a restaurant or just bought a new pan when the old got dirty.
First I did the oil and coarse salt to remove the rust. (already done in the photos). That was easy, but there wasn't too much rust.
The next step is to clean the pan, then season it. Even though the pan is dark the crud (outside mostly) can be seen.
I am an expert at procrastinating, but do hope to get this done soon. I want to make these:
A 10-inch pan is suggested for the smaller amount, but I can just use less batter. Hope all of this works out.


FirePhrase said...

I have a friend who swears the reason that she never has anemia is that she cooks in cast iron. And I grew up on cornbread Mom cooked in castiron. In fact since it's getting cooler, I wonder if I can talk my mama into making me a pan of cornbread . . .

glorm said...

Yum, cornbread is in my plan also. It must be food-talk day.