Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have a ton of patterns, mostly from the 80s and 90s, and since I haven't sewn in the past 10-12 years, I cannot justify buying too many more patterns, especially since I haven't sewn even a third of the ones I have!

Having had the idea for a long time of updating garments and patterns, I think I'll "have a go at it."

I spent a lot of money on books showing how to design, so it's about time I did something about it.

This outfit screams "the 80s", and needs to be updated. The fabric is a poly rayon blend. It was easy to sew with and since I like dots and red, (and trust me, it is dotted), plus it doesn't wrinkle, it's a good candidate for renewal. Since I don't go to an office, I wore this outfit to dinner or to parties---thus I'll bet that I didn't wear it more than four times, so the fabric is "like new", and the outfit has been hanging in my sewing closet for many years, just waiting for me.

Now, to decide what to do with it. Obviously, the sleeves need to be re-cut to a more updated style. Since they are full and long, there is enough fabric to work with. My thought is a long, standard set-in sleeve with eased cap and hemmed at the wrist, with no cuff or band.

I don't wear a lot of short sleeves and am not a fan of below elbow sleeves. Am looking for suggestions here.

On to the rest: is that collar cut on the bias too outdated? Or, would people think I was ahead of fashion? LOL. And what about that pleat down the front?

Should I leave it there? What about curving the top in at the waist and adding tucks or darts, front and back? All things to consider.

I am trying to avoid taking apart the whole top and re-cutting to a totally different style.

The skirt? Acceptable, I hope.

A post script to this: while taking pictures of me in this outfit, my husband said that he really liked this outfit and why didn't I wear it? I told him it is because it screams the 80s. He said, "So what? It looks good--wear it."

P.P.S. I did hit Enter to space between paragraphs, but it didn't want to cooperate. It's probably something simple. That was before; now there are several spaces! This is my first blog here---I'm learning how this place works.


Anonymous said...

YES, definitely get rid of those flouncy sleeves. I like your idea of putting in long set-in sleeves hemmed at wrist. And, are those buttons I see on the shoulder? If so, get rid of them. I think I'd like it a bit more if the top was shorter.

These comments from your non-sewing neighbor.

I don't like the dress, but think your blog page is great.

Deb said...

Welcome back to the blog world. I can't sew, except, for an ocassional button.

glorm said...

Anonymous (Neighbor), What honesty! Thank you. I could get rid of the buttons, but that would leave the buttonholes. I had not realized how long the top was until I saw these pics.

glorm said...

Hi Deb, Nice to be in contact with you again. I put my crafts aside to get back into sewing, but there will be some knitting and crocheting here at some point.

Joansie said...

It's so great to see you at Blogger...and thanks for your comment. I won't be gone long...just resting a bit. I do continue to read blogs.

LaKaribane said...

Glorm, I would say yes to the sleeve change. Ditch the peplum. I like the buttons but maybe change them for smooth, flat ones (less 80s).

How do you feel about mock turtlenecks? Because Burda had a blouse back in 06 or something that had buttons climbing up from a asymetrical placket to the turtle. Kind of like those sailor sweaters, do you know what I mean?

Good luck! And welcome to the blogosphere.

glorm said...

Thanks! I recognize your name from PR.

Hmmm, this is definitely going to require more thought. It is a top with a belt, not a peplum. I do know what you mean about the placket. I will have to decide about that partially stitched pleat down the front and the unstitched "tucks" at the neckline.

I won't be able to get to this outfit until some time next month, giving me the opportunity to consider it further.

FirePhrase said...

Before you go too stitch happy, remember that the New York Times Fashion & Style section has said the 80s are back, baby! Especially shoulders. I think I'd save a major re-tailoring for next season, and just pair the top with a solid black pencil skirt to modern it up. Definitely with the peep-toe pumps. And is there a way to do a black skinny belt? Could be a banging outfit with very little retinkering.

That way you'll have more time to plot and plan your major overhaul for next season.

glorm said...

Like your way of thinking! I have been reading that "the eighties are back". And I do have a black slim skirt and a narrow black belt. Hmmm. Maybe I should just hold on to my clothes and they will be in fashion in the next two years or so. LOL.

sew{very}creative said...

You could always eliminate the bias collar ~ maybe re-cut the neckline as a boatneck? You have a great figure, so a boat neckline would look awesome on you!!

Or just go without the collar itself and let the bodice's neckline define the look ~ and to preserve the pleat (which is awesome, BTW) you could just accent it with a nice, elegant button or broach/pin/corsage at the apex of the tuck.

There's oodles of way to refashion/upcycle/repurpose!!!

That said, I have to agree with your DH (and the commenter FirePhrase), you look great in it as is, and the 80s ARE back!! :)

glorm said...

Hi there, SVC! Nice to hear from you. I've put aside this project for now as there are other projects I need to get to first.

I've been sent several ideas on this outfit. There is enough fabric in this outfit to work with, plus some remnants which I could use as facings or something in case there is any discoloration at all. At this point I have no idea how it will end up--should be interesting.