Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Shoes and More

It was not a serious question, but some said yes to seeing my baby shoes.

This is my first pair of soft sole shoes.

This is my first pair of hard sole shoes.

My first few teeth and first two haircut clippings have been stored in this box!  Only my dad would think of storing things in a corn pads box.  LOL
Think will pass on viewing the teeth, instead looking at some hair from my first two haircuts.
A few years ago I pulled out the corn pads box and told my hubby that I had never looked in that box.  It was going to be a moment-of-truth time because I had always told people that I was a blond as a little girl.  Would the contents prove me a liar?
I slowly unfolded the papers and viewed the hair.
Oh, good I wasn't a liar all these years.
In high school I had every shade of brown known to man on my head.  After that it was pretty much one color.
Now?  It's two colors:  silver with brown highlights.  LOL
(You can click on the photos for a larger pic.)