Monday, August 19, 2013

Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting--a Review

The  Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting by Sarah Veblen came out early this year.

My shelves are filled with design, fitting, and sewing books, but this book is on my "Best Ones" list.

It so reminds me of a college level sewing textbook from the early 50s I have, where there are photos of exactly how to fit---and on the person.                                                           
She covers bodices, including princess seams; sleeves of various types; skirts; and slacks.  The slacks fitting is limited.  Maybe she was limited to x number of pages and was left with only a handful for the slacks fitting.  I suppose it is possible that she will be writing a separate book on slacks(one can only hope). :)                                                             
The book is geared toward having a fitter and a client.  Though it is doubtful  that most of us have a fitter, much less clients, the book is extremely helpful.
Fitting yourself requires a lot of taking off and putting on muslins, but that would be the way to get the most out of this book.     
In some cases she made three muslins per garment, but then she is being paid by the client to get a perfect fit!  In many cases I think one muslin, with adjustments included, should be sufficient.   
The book gets a thumbs up--way up--from me.
ISBN# 13:978-1-58923-608-0 (pbk)
ISBN# 10: 1-58923-608-4 (soft cover)
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