Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tissue Topper

It surprised me a little that some didn't know what a (toilet) tissue topper is.  Why?  Well, I'm usually one of the last to know about something, so I figure that, because I know, then surely the rest of the world knows about it.  LOL.  Not true, apparently.  (regarding my being one of the last as well as anyone else knowing.)
I've seen many in my life and there are many shown in crafts magazines.  This topper is a combination of several sources, including me.
I like the idea of an extra roll being handy, but not blatantly, so the guests won't wonder where a fresh roll is, should they need it.
This one is crocheted, but I have seen some knitted or even done in needlepoint.
You need to use a washable yarn such as acrylic or cotton, and a hook size of your choice, but I wouldn't suggest a huge one as it will make the topper too "holey".
I used a G hook, chain 4, 10 double crochet in 4th chain from hook,, join with a slip stitch in 3rd chain of ch4 (11 double crochets).  Do not turn, but continue in circles.  The next round is 2 dc in each dc.  Continue in rounds increasing one stitch for every 5 sts.  This is fairly standard for making circles.  This isn't a coaster so being completely flat is not critical.
Many tissue rolls are double rolls so make certain that the circle is the diameter of the side of the roll.  when that has been achieved, do the sides.  To do that, just make 1 dc in each dc around, join and continue.
Fit it on the roll every so often.  Adjust number of stitches if too snug or too loose.
There are several ways to finish these: it can be straight down or about an inch or so above the bottom, add a flounce.  This is a basic one and I just added a bow to the top, but crocheted flowers can be added to any part of the topper if desired.
Double crochet stitches are usually used, but almost any can be used as long as it is not too open a stitch pattern.
This is one I made many years ago in a little different style.

Click on the pics to see them larger.

I didn't give complete instructions because most of my followers don't crochet, and those who do, will surely be able to figure it out. ;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

White Jeans Machine 4042

This is a temporary post and will probably be taken down in a few days.  These pics are to help a person with her machine, and as I don't have a place online to store photos, I'm putting them here.  Maybe some day......

The first 3 show the tension bar in the up position. 

The next two show the foot and ankle with the needle bar up and down.

The final 4 are with the tension bar down.  Click on pics to make larger.