Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stupid Spammers

Earlier this month at Pattern Review there was a discussion about spammers at Blogger.  I had commented that I had received a few but almost all of them wind up in the Spam folder.

Well, the spammers might have heard me because they got aggressive and sent more spam to me!  I knew comments could be moderated but I really didn't want to do that.  The Pattern Reviewers mentioned that there were various settings which could be utililized.

It wasn't that I was getting dozens of spam comments--and all but one landed in Blogspot's spam folder--but they were annoying me when I opened the related e-mail and saw those comments.  I set comment moderation for posts older than a certain number of days which was only about two posts for me.  I haven't had any since.  (Guess they got tired  of waiting for me to read them in the moderation folder.)

So, what makes these spammers stupid?  Well, they picked posts which were over a year old!  Really?  Come on--thought they were smarter than that!  The point is for people to read the comments and click on the link.  How many read comments that old on a regular basis?

Geez, do we have to educate spammers on how they should do their spamming?

As a test I eliminated the moderation and set it back so anyone could comment.  The spammers returned.   If you don't want any spam messages, not even in your moderation folder, the only way is to not allow any anonymous comments, but you could be keeping away some new readers.

Spam messages, posted or not, are annoying.  There have been many blog posts on the internet about dealing with them.  What is your opinion?