Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweater in Fluffy yarn--old before it's new

This is one of the nearly completed sweaters I discovered in a closet a few months ago. All that was left to do was the bottom half of the sleeves.

I bought this yarn before some of you were born! I had knitted it in an all over rib but made the stitches too loose so it was too large.

I undid it and later made it into a different pattern but similar to the one in the photo. I undid that one because I didn't like the way it was turning out. Thus, this version.

I began it about ten years ago, which explains the style. I didn't want to start over , once again, as this acrylic mohair wannabe is not easy to take apart. It is Fluffy by Unger and was manufactured for years and years.

It is supposed to have a lot of ease but not 47" worth! Those drop shoulders shouldn't be that wide either. Guess I didn't measure! The V-neck should be a lot smaller.

Old style or not I love this very soft yarn and I love red. I knitted a garter stitch strip to sew in the V to make it somewhat smaller and to give it more stability and since I wasn't certain how to do a V decrease, I just overlapped one edge over the other.

If the 80's really are coming back, then I am going to be in style.

Most people like to complete a project which is the latest style. I am happy just completing a project, especially one which was started so many years ago.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crocheting in 1917

These items are not something that I plan to crochet in the near future, but they were the style in 1917.

I obtained this booklet for 10 cents, the price it was in 1917. It is #9 of 18. Other booklets contain scarves, pillows, corset covers, knitted and crocheted sweaters for the entire family, aprons, etc.

The directions for the items on the cover and on the pages above are included, but not for

all of the items in the booklet. Some of the directions for the caps are in issue #10. We do encounter articles where they continue it in the next issue. So this practice is nothing new--they used it in 1917!

The print is extremely small, reminding me of the "small print" at the bottom of pages. It is quite difficult to follow.

Information which is not provided: thread size, hook size, gauge, finished size.

This certainly makes me appreciate what we have now even more.